Which Technology Will Most Impact The Future Of Agriculture? 16 Experts Share Their Insights

Those who work in the agricultural sector are in the business of fueling the world. Without them, there’d be no healthy humans to make the world as we know it continue to spin. Really, farmers and their helpers don’t get enough credit.

So why not do your part and find out which technologies will shape the future of agriculture? We even served the answers up on a platter. Here they are:

2. Jeff Klaumann, CTO of Internet of Things America

“One technology that has seen increased adoption in agriculture is the use of precision agriculture practices that leverage advanced field imaging technology. Remote-controlled drones or tractors can be affixed with special cameras that provide detailed photo analysis of the field, including visualized data for geomorphology/hydrology trends and key biophysical parameters.

Another technology positioned to take the agriculture industry by storm is the Internet of Things and connected sensor technologies. In fact, the number of connected sensors deployed in agriculture is expected to rise from 30 million in 2015 to 75 million by next year (2020).”

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