The Science of Soil Management Using Innovative Technology

December 3, 2019

1:00 PM CST

Please join us for our second webinar in the IoT America webinar series: Soil Management.  ​Presenters Bob Mahr, Peter Lai and Mitchell Hora will discuss the details of the benefits for monitoring soil and how easily it can be done.

Our first webinar introduced the IoT America Soil Managed Services.  If you would like to view that webinar, you can do so here.

How IoT Can Enable the Smart Farm to Make Better Watering Decisions


October 22

On Oct 22, IoT America presented a webinar on how the internet of things (IoT) can enable farmers to make smarter irrigation choices.  Presenters Peter Lai, Director of Solutions and  Bob Mahr, VP of Sales both from IoT America and guest speaker Mitchell Hora from Continuum Ag explain how monitoring soil is critical to the smart farm, and how IoT America makes smart farming easy.

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