Bob Mahr

And how does it help my business? Bob Mahr tells us how IoT America's managed services helps our businesses save money and run more efficiently, and gives us more tips. Learn more on Thursday, Jan 23 at 1:00 PM CST. Join Us on Ring Central.


January 23, 2020

Soil Monitoring Webinar Series

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Bob Mahr

How IoT Can Enable the Smart Farm to Make Better Watering Decisions

October 22, 2019

How monitoring soil is critical to the smart farm, and how IoT America makes smart farming easy.

Peter Lai

The Science of Soil Management Using Innovative Technology

December 3, 2019

How connecting the farm benefits the soil and how easily IoT America manages all of the technologies for you.

Peter Lai

The DNA of Soil Monitoring Solutions

January 16, 2020

A panel discussion that dives deep into the DNA of soil monitoring. Three areas of discussion include:

1. The DNA of Real-World Solutions

2. Lessons Learned

3. Challenges We Overcame

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