Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding installation, hardware, and application


Our outdoor gateway will include the necessary mounting hardware to mount on a either a sturdy pole or on a flat surface.  The indoor gateway does not include any mounting hardware as the mounting holes are located on the back of the device.   For additional information or assistance with installation, please contact us.

Your height requirement will depend on various factors in and around the installation location that will determine the ideal placement to ensure proper line-of-sight (LOS).  For additional questions or assistance, please contact us.

Yes, both our indoor and outdoor gateways will require internet connectivity to send the data to their appropriate application.  If you do not have internet connectivity available, please contact us.

Our outdoor gateways are rated IP-67 for outdoor usage while the indoor gateway is for indoor use only.  For full specifications, please contact us.

We provide monitoring services on all of our gateways and necessary updates will be performed by our support team remotely without the need to physically interact the gateway.


We will work with you to recommend the ideal installation method for the type of sensor that you have.  While a majority of our sensors can easily be installed within minutes, there are instances that will require additional resources.  Please contact us for more information.  

The range of your sensors will depend on a variety of factors such as obstacles between the sensors and gateway that determine line-of-sight (LOS).  Please reach out to us to determine the ideal method to mount your gateway prior to installing the sensors.

All of your sensors will be provisioned and configured prior to shipment.  Some of our sensors that rely on baseline data will require additional configuration before installation.  Please contact us for more details.

All of our sensors are rated for outdoor use.  Please use every precaution to store unused sensors before any prolonged extreme weather events. When operating heavy machinery in and around the sensor installation location(s), ensure the machinery will not hinder the functionality of the sensor.

All of our sensors have a life expectancy of at least 3 years under normal usage, depending on type of sensor and frequency of updates.  

Application & Data

As part of our support services, we will assist you in the creation of the online account to manage your sensors.  Please contact us for more information.

Our applications can be accessed via web browser and have compatibility on either iOS or Android. 

The applications for the sensors will have visual graphic dashboards, sensor management, and the ability to create alerts.  Additional details such as reporting and the ability to send commands (such as on/off) will vary depending on the sensor.  Please contact us for more details.

Yes, you can download data from your sensors from a computer thru the online web portal.

Yes, a majority of our sensors support an open API.  Please contact us for more information.