Increase Yield. Maximize Productivity.

Drive Efficiencies.

Extending Technology To Every Touch Point

Growers have significantly benefited from the marriage of navigation and communications technologies (Ag-tech) within farm machinery, delivering greater yields using precision planting, harvesting, seeding, and other capabilities enabled by these machines. Technology, specifically utilizing wireless sensors, can deliver even greater results. Growers and ranchers using Ag-tech will improve their productivity with access to real-time information on storage environments, remote tank monitoring, soil moisture content, weather conditions and so much more.

Capitalizing on Tech Advances

Until now, the cost of sensors and poor sensor battery life have limited the benefits of agriculture technology. Plus, the lack of cost-effective connectivity to the sensors and availability of affordable specialized data analytics applications have been the gating points for these technologies to improve yields in rural America. It is the wireless connectivity for the sensors that gather the data for processing and analysis, that has is referred to in the tech sector as the Internet of Things (IoT). Fortunately, there have been rapid advances in the areas of sensors, batteries and wireless connectivity in the past few years, which helps to make IoT a reality for growers and ranchers to revolutionize their businesses.

We do it All for You

IoT America is here to help. We are only focused on rural America and we understand the impediments that hinder growers and ranchers from flourishing. IoT America has created a best-of-breed Solutions that has been tested and vetted to ensure simplicity and results. We strive to eliminate the complexity of installing wireless connectivity, finding, testing, delivering, implementing, and continuously monitoring the applications that will provide value to your ranch and/or farm. We sweat the details of the technology, so you can do what you do best.

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