Soil Monitoring

Proper soil management practices are a crucial component for many businesses and institutions, including farms, ranches, golf courses, -and municipalities. Improper soil management techniques can incur costly damages such as a reduction in crop yield or reduced usage of recreational facilities.

Soil Management Services from IoT America helps businesses and institutions avoid costly mistakes by enhancing soil monitoring practices with the use of long-range sensors that collect vital details about soil health. These soil details can be viewed in an intuitive web dashboard, enabling businesses and institutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency across their soil management operations.   

Reduce or Eliminate Manual Soil Testing

IoT America Soil Monitoring works in various types of soil, making it ideal for various applications ranging from row crops to vineyards to golf courses. Our solutions send proactive alerts so you can take action – before soil dries or becomes over-watered. 

You Set The Thresholds. We Work Around the Clock.

Instead of spending valuable labor resources manually inspecting soil across a large land area, IoT America Soil Monitoring tracks conditions constantly, delivering measurable improvements in productivity, savings, compliance and overall quality.