Smart Town Solutions

Innovative technologies are making it easier for municipalities to leverage IoT devices to make towns more livable, workable, and sustainable.

Improve Quality of Life for Citizens

IoT America provides proven IoT wireless solutions that provide municipalities a trusted, practical opportunity to improve the quality of life for their constituents, including:

  • Parking Management ("Where are the available parking spaces downtown?")

  • Environmental Monitoring ("What's the weather/pollution look like today?")

  • Landscape Management (Golf Courses, City Parks, Beautification Initiatives)

Leverage Data for Efficient Town Management

In addition to improving quality of life for constituents, Smart Town solutions from IoT America can also enable municipalities to achieve operational efficiency using data collected from:

  • Intelligent Waste Monitoring Systems

  • Wastewater Management Devices

  • Valuable Asset Tracking

  • Utility Management & Control (Lighting, Metering, etc.)