IoT America Webinar Summary: The Science of Soil Management Using Innovative Technology

Our second webinar in the soil monitoring series focuses on the science of soil management using innovative technology. Below is a quick summary of our discussion, featuring Bob Mahr and Peter Lai from IoT America and guest speaker Mitchell Hora of Continuum Ag.

The Science of the LPWA Network (Low-Powered Wide-Area)

  • Types of networks available today

  • Why LoRa for IoT (Internet of Things)?

  • The benefit of LoRa: Low cost, expanded battery lives, increased network capacity, and security

Current and Future State of Soil Management

  • Continuum Ag scientific interpretation of soil data

  • Soil data is fragmented, linear and there are no standards for soil health evaluation

  • Biological soil components are directly tied to soil management, water management

IoT for Soil & Irrigation Management

  • Manage soil holistically and drive sustainability

  • Example of a soil monitoring system monitoring inorganic nitrogen (PPM)

For additional details and insights, sign up through this link to receive a link to the full recorded webinar. This was the second part of our Soil Management webinar series, and we had great participation from both the technology and agriculture industries.

We’re excited to continue our Soil Management webinar series on January 14, 2020. More details to come about this webinar. Check IoT America's social media channels and webinar section of our website at to see when registration is available for the webinars.