IoT America Webinar Summary: How IoT Can Enable the Smart Farm to Make Better Watering Decisions

If you missed our first webinar about how smart farm technology can enable better irrigation decisions--fret not. We put together a quick summary of our discussion, featuring Bob Mahr and Peter Lai from IoT America and guest speaker Mitchell Hora of Continuum Ag.

Current & Future State of Soil Management

  • As the typical consumer becomes more aware of their sources for food, agriculturists must provide a clear, consistent message of progress and value. What’s the best way to accomplish this?

  • Partners like Continuum Ag are developing a “common soil language”, which will deliver short-term and long-term value for making effective soil & irrigation management decisions.

Using Technology to Improve Soil Health

  • Soil is a living ecosystem, changing continuously over time. Utilizing technology helps capture accurate, up-to-date information about the health and status of your soil, enabling agronomists to deliver actionable, value-driven insights about the best way to manage soil & irrigation operations.

  • Coupling technology and agronomy expertise enables better decision-making that can improve carbon sequestration metrics, water quality, drought/flood mitigation, and human health.

IoT for Soil & Irrigation Management

  • Using IoT solutions focused on soil & irrigation management can provide valuable data to improve decisions related to: (1) Monitoring soil conditions to track how different inputs affect overall soil health, (2) capturing external conditions, such as air temperature and humidity, to gauge their impact on soil health and irrigation requirements, and (3) maximizing yield by ensuring plants are neither under-watered or over-watered.

  • Web dashboards and mobile applications are used to provide up-to-date information about your soil, enabling agriculturists to make better irrigation decisions.

  • Implementing IoT devices for soil management can save time and money, boost productivity, increase yields and conserve valuable resources. IoT devices focused on soil moisture management has enabled agriculturists to save up to 50% on their irrigation costs over the course of the year.

For additional details and insights, sign up through this link to receive a link to the full recorded webinar . This was the first part of our Soil Management webinar series, and we had great participation from both the technology and agriculture industries.

We’re excited to continue our Soil Management webinar series on December 3rd, 2019, where we will discuss how innovative technologies are improving the science of soil management. We have a limited number of seats available for this webinar, so don’t miss your opportunity to sign up below!