Strategic Alliances

Who is IoT America?

IoT America is a managed services provider that combines wireless monitoring, data analytics and visualization to help businesses and municipalities manage their resources easily and precisely. By partnering with internet providers, IoT America helps its customers access to the data they need to make decisions that save time, increase efficiency, enhance production, preserve natural resources, and protect valuable assets.

Clients are Our Top Priority

IoT America uses wireless technology and the internet of things to help customers lower their total cost of ownership while improving return on investment. Whether it is locating equipment and supplies, or monitoring soil and water conditions and knowing when containers are empty or full – our solutions save time and money through efficiency and visibility. 

We do it All for Your Clients

IoT America is here to help. We are only focused on rural America and we understand the impediments that hinder growers and ranchers from flourishing. IoT America has created best-of-breed Solutions that have been tested and vetted to ensure simplicity and results. We strive to eliminate the complexity for clients by taking care of the details. We work hard at finding, testing, delivering, implementing, and continuously monitoring the applications that will provide value to clients.