for orchards

Access up-to-date soil monitoring data that helps you make decisions to improve your fruit quality

Inadequate soil moisture can lead to water stress, reduced growth and fruit yields, and can influence fruit quality.  Be prepared to face the upcoming season by investing in a wireless soil health management system. Our solution provides crucial information that can help you make decisions that can impact your profitability and production.

Apple orchard

Improve fruit quality

Monitor soil conditions to ensure your fruit trees have sufficient water for production of wood structure, potential fruitfulness, sizing of fruit, and cooling the canopy

optimize irrigation

Plan your irrigation schedule efficiently by understanding available soil water levels in various root zones to avoid plant stress or water/energy loss

peach orchard irrgation

solution features

Monitor soil moisture

Soil sensors provide accurate insights of rainfall and irrigation events for all soil types and depths up to 36"

Monitor soil temperature

Soil sensors can measure surface or soil temperature

Rugged and simple to install

Soil sensors require very little maintenance and are wireless, portable, and outdoor-rated with a battery life of up to three years

Easy-to-use dashboard

Access up-to-date information, charts, and settings from a smartphone, tablet, or computer

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