Whether you’re a farmer, facilities manager, mayor or city council member, our comprehensive approach to IoT is designed to save money and improve inefficiencies across your organization.
If you're curious about how our IoT solutions can improve your organization but don't know where to start--we're here to help.

Internet of Things for Rural Americans is a Modern Day Necessity

Solutions & Services

IoT Expertise

As self-proclaimed IoT nerds with decades of combined technology experience, our goal is to simplify the deployment of IoT networks to provide you with valuable, actionable data that can improve your organization's operations.

World-Class Support

Coupled with our IoT expertise, our world-class client support ensures that you have a successful IoT implementation that creates value, not headaches.

Innovative Solutions

Using wireless sensors, cloud analytics, and data visualization, our robust portfolio of innovative IoT solutions can be designed to collect data that valuable to your organization.

Specialty Areas

Farm Smarter

Save labor resources and improve yields by remotely collecting data about your field and equipment.

Optimize Resources

Reduce maintenance costs and understand facility usage to improve the tenant experience.

Improve Living

Monitor environmental conditions, oversee utilities, and manage waste collection to improve quality of life.