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Boost Productivity.
Enhance Quality of Life.

At IoT America, we’re bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to rural America in ways never before imagined to help growers, ranchers, towns and businesses of all descriptions save time and money… boost productivity… increase farm yields… and conserve our valuable natural resources.

Soil Monitoring

IoT America Soil Monitoring solutions enable farms, ranches, golf courses, and municipalities to wirelessly collect key soil health data to optimize water consumption and improve crop yields.

Tank Monitoring

IoT America Tank Monitoring solutions monitor the fill-level of various containers ranging from livestock feed bins and water troughs to oil, diesel and propane tanks, seed silos, garbage cans, industrial dumpsters and more.

Asset Tracking

From location tracking to contamination prevention, shipping container damage, and proof-of-delivery, IoT America’s Asset Tracking is constantly working to help businesses operate at peak efficiencies.

Today’s Rural Communities Built on Tomorrow’s Technology

By harnessing the advances in wireless, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, IoT America has created next-generation tools that can be used to control operations of every kind more effectively and efficiently – from the care and location machinery to the monitoring of fill levels of containers, and the management of supply and refuse containers.


IoT America has developed a comprehensive range of IoT solutions that are pre-configured to deliver value from day one.

Our tools reduce the time and complexity of managing tasks that, in rural America, can extend across a broad geographic area. Instead of spending hours personally tracking assets, suffering downtime caused by depleted supplies, or spending money on unnecessary deliveries, IoT America puts real-time data about your operation’s most critical resources right at your fingertips, along with 24/7 support from our team of technology and customer support experts.

We’re bringing the magic of IoT to:

Agriculture Management

• Fertilizer Management
• Location Tracking
• Bin & Trough Management

Enterprise Management

• Facilities Monitoring
• Inventory Management

Smart Towns

• Refuse Management
• Inventory Management

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